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The texts must reach the site by E-mail at the proper address, in Microsoft Word 6 format, in Times New Roman font, type size 10. The article must be paged properly, with the images already placed in the text, as the article will be published as is. In order to protect the Privacy , the names of the patients and their faces must not be recognizable: it is necessary to hide the eyes and all that can be referred to the patients. Since the site may be universally visited, it is better to write the texts in English. The most interesting articles coming from foreign colleagues, since they could have difficulties in writing in Italian, will be translated by an editorial staff (which is not responsible for mistakes in translation and/or interpretation). Three separated files for each article must be sent: one for the article, one for the abstract and one for a meaningful image that is used as icon. The Abstract must be of 150 words maximum. It must be accompanied with key-words and an image (icon) considered meaningful for the presentation of the article with size 120 x 80 pixels (horizontal orientation), resolution 72 dpi.. The article, not compressed, does not have to exceed 200 Kb and the images have to have a 72 dpi resolution. Each word of the text will be suitable to look for the whole article in the site database. The author has to send a short curriculum vitae of 40 words maximum about his/her work, and her/his e-mail address that has to appear with the article. It is necessary to communicate any change in the address, otherwise all the publications on the site will be erased. It is better to specify at the foot of the publication any eventual rights, Copyrights and registrations that protect oneself. The author has to enclose at the bottom of the publication a self-attestation that releases from any liability as follows: " I, (title, name, surname), take full responsibility for the publication of this article and this Web-site is in no way responsible for any complication resulting from this in the future".

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The bibliographical references must conform to the Index Medicus methodology as below:

Journal article:
1. Farrar WB: Characteristics of the condylar path in internal derangements of the TMJ. J Prosthet Dent 1978; 39:319?323
2. Travell JG, Simons DG: Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. The Trigger Point Manual. Baltimore: The Williams and Wilkins Co., 1983

Article or chapter in a book:
3. Pilling LF: Psychosomatic aspects of facial pain. In Alling III CA, Mahan PE (eds), Facial Pain, 2nd Ed. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1977; 264?280
The list of references should follow the numerical order used in the text. References will be published at the end of the article.

The list of the references must follow the numerical order used in the text. The bibliographical references are published at the end of the article.
For further information the authors may consult the article Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals (N Engl J Med 1991;324:424?428 e BMJ 1991;302:338?341), whose notes conforms to. If you want to quote an article or a book accepted for the publication, but still unpublished, it is necessary to mention the title of the magazine(or the name of the editor) and the year in which the article or the book should be published. All this stuff has to be followed by the specification "in course of publication". The unpublished scientific texts (matter) (i.e. personal communications, works on preparation) have to be indicated in brackets in the text and are not quoted in the bibliography

How this website works

Since is a non professional site, without a view to profit, it has to be necessarily quick and practical for the runners of the site, who work on it in their spare time and completely free.
The reading committee, still by E-mail, will analyse the texts and give their opinion as experts. The accepted articles will be sent to the Internet administrator and he will arrange for the publication on the site. It is possible for the authors to ask for statistics and information about the visitors of their publications.

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